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Visualise the effect of war on children's mental health

Social campaigns

Social media posts that grab your attention and communicate within a fraction of a second. Various campaigns for Save the Children.

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Migrant sea rescue
Sotheby's catalogue in print and on the i-Pad enlarge
Art catalogues for a luxury brand Image: Sotheby's

Graphic design

Catalogue layouts and artwork for auctioneer Sotheby's, in print and iPad app. Aimed at buyers of top-end antiques, objects d'art, fine and contemporary art.

As well as layout and artwork, I also help to increase efficiency for the production team. For example, I identified and implemented ways to streamline a part of the iPad workflow; for the print catalogue, I streamlined the design templates to increase efficiency and function.

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Inside pages and cover designs
Project video (duration: 3 mins 6 secs)

Artificial Intelligence

‘Aid inSight’ is a proof-of-concept prototype using artificial intelligence to improve emergency response in a natural disaster. It is an API that aims to help (1) people affected by natural disasters to feel more in control, (2) humanitarian workers to collaborate better.

  1. Team: Andrew, Paul and Paulo (backend developers); Van (product manager); Viviane (design, research and communication).
  2. With thanks to insights from: NGOs (Médecins Sans Frontières, Save the Children, British Red Cross, RedR, Ground Truth Solutions), industry (GSM Association) and individuals (humanitarian affairs consultants).
  3. Technology: SMS gateway; IBM: Natural Language Classifier, Watson assistant (smart chatbot), Decision Optimizer (prescriptive analytics). Get the code on Github.
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Design and UX/UI for an app that encourages walking in the city, leveraging the Transport for London API.
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Website redesign

Web designs for desktop, mobile and print layouts, from design to project management.

The website implementation is not the end of the job. To get everyone 'on the same page', I also delivered training session on the new design, wrote a user manual to communicate the design and features, organised staff training sessions on accessibility and usability.

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Manual and web assets
App screen enlarge
Design and UX for a gamification health app aimed at families.
Heron City in Barcelona, viewed from the outside enlarge
Heron City, Barcelona

Environmental graphics

Heron City in Barcelona, Spain, is an entertainment complex. It incorporats restaurants, cafés and bars, with a multiplex cinema, a disco, bowling alley, and a fitness centre. The venue aims to create an environment that is rich in landscaping, sound, music and graphics, that blend together to create different atmospheres for different visitors at different times of the day.

I was responsible for graphic design and artworking. I worked on the 18-meter high exterior banners, the temporary hoarding, balcony walkway lighting animation sequence, signage, elevator external graphics, footbridge graphics, billboard artwork.

Inside Heron City in Barcelona enlarge
Inside the venue
Design for Chrome browser theme enlarge
Chrome browser theme

Cross-media promotion

Design for a conference in Madrid, Spain; aimed at tech savvy computing specialists who don't go anywhere without their laptops. Promotion materials include: printed posters and postcard; Chrome web browser theme, Firefox browser add-on, computer desktop wallpaper.

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Poster to promote the event
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Design for a nation-wide survey on the well-being of British families and children conducted by the National Centre for Social Research.
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Oxygen cup

Improve the experiences of people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Many early stage patients who can benefit from supplementary oxygen refuse it because of stigmatisation and negative self-image (especially women). 'Cuppa O' is a discreet oxygen dispenser that's ergonomic and easy to use.

Concept design developed with a multi-disciplinary team of industrial engineers and a medic.

Zoop – a brooch design enlarge


A brooch design inspired by the biology of marine plankton and night diving. Materials: black dyed anodied aluminium, Swarovski crystals, steel fittings, electronic parts.

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'Juke Box' is a range of fashion handbags designed for a manufacturer. Concept, design, full specifications with instructions and production templates for factory production in China.

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Design drawings enlarge
Design drawings

Book design

Graphic design for a 308-page autobiography about the life of an art expert. The final design was delivered with templates for the layout, together with design specifications and notes on typesetting.

Michel Strauss's biography enlarge
Book with dust jacket
Poster enlarge
Poster design
Polar Ice – necklace design enlarge
Design drawing

Polar Ice

A reversible necklace inspired by extreme polar environments and ice crystal formation. Materials: web cut diamonds ethically mined from the Arctic, 'crystal glaze' slip cast porcelain beads, white gold.

The Sculpture of Really Usefulness

A competition to design a public artwork to celebrate the contribution of structural engineers. Collaborative entry with Tall Engineers

The Sculpture of Really Usefulness plays with a certain public perception of modern art's usefulness, in order to highlight the practical and applied nature of engineering. It uses an ancient building material used in both art and engineering: the brick – understated but an integral and vital part of the built environment (similar to engineering). It is a two-part sculpture linked by a line of mosaic on the ground; the visitor starts at part one, then follows the line on a journey to discover part two of the artwork.

elevation drawing
Elevation drawing
A banner in front of the Oxo Tower in London enlarge

Concept & graphic illustration

One of a series of internally illuminated, six-metre high banners lining a key route near the River Thames to create London’s longest open air art gallery. This gallery was a part of an urban design strategy developed by architect Lifschutz Davidson to regenerate the area.

Banner design drawing enlarge
Drawing showing the banner design. Design: Viviane Li © South Bank Employers' Group

Jewellery Design

'Chantilly' is a modern design inspired by the history of jewellery and its form and function. It transforms from an accessory worn with minimalist day wear, to cocktail party talking point when complemented with a strapless evening gown.

design drawings
Design drawings for Chantilly
National Travel Survey enlarge
Design and illustration to promote the National Travel Survey. Client: National Centre for Social Research