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Two speech bubbles talking in different languages combine to create binary code

5 ways skilled communica­tors can enhance multi­disciplinary teams

Why we need to understand and articulate the benefits of our skills in multi­disciplinary collabora­tions, and how a skilled com­municator can be a secret ingre­dient to success­ful team dynamics.

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An interview with photo­grapher Terry O'Neill

Find out the secrets to his success and pick up a few tips from the veteran photographer.

“I hate being photo­graphed… or doing interviews” said my interviewee just a short while into our conver­sation. The only thought I had at that point, was that I needed to get him to do both before I left the front door.

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Terry O'Neill
Photographer Terry O'Neill
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Café Scientifique is a network of informal talks held at local venues which promotes debate on science and technology issues.

The format consists of a talk and a two-course meal. To make the food a part of the communication, I devised special menus according to the contents of the talks, with topics ranging from 'Gastro Physics' to the 'Birth of the World Wide Web'.

For a talk on antimatter, I created an 'antimenu' (main course served before the starter), which comprised of an anti-main course (opposite burger served on an up-side-down plate) and an anti-starter (cold blood n' gore tomato soup [gazpacho with a floating 'eyeball']).

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A CERN phycisist giving a talk on antimatter… but don't just listen to the talk, eat it!
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The anti-starter: a tribute to the death of Leonardo Vetra (CERN physicist in the novel Angels & Demons whose eyeball was gouged out by the baddie in order to steal the anitmatter.)
The Impossible Project factory
Outside The Impossible Project's factory at Enschede in the Netherlands

Podcast interviews from The Impossible Project

Co-founder of The Impossible Project André Bosman explains why reinventing instant film takes plenty of perspiration, plus a dash of inspiration from the spirit of Edwin Land – the Polaroid company's original founder.

Listen to the podcast interview published by the Film Photography Project.

Dishes from the 'El Bulli' restaurant's archive enlarge
Dishes from the El Bulli restaurant's archive

Oil and water: gastro­nomy and food design

Exploring two attitudes to food innovation – the different approaches of super chef Ferran Adrià and food designer Martí Guixé.

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Sketch drawing, notes and wire model

School art class

Teaching creative drawing and wire model-making to a class of 9- to10-year old pupils. A part of a nation-wide art programme that linked professional designers and artists with local schools.

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Class of children starting their wire models
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Artwork in progress by one of the kids.

21st Century Ingineer

Structural engineer Chris Wise tells me why, when it comes to educating the engineers of the future, he prefers imagina­tion over calculations.

First published in I, Science magazine for Imperial College London.

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Robo Kev

I talk articficial intelli­gence, self-experimen­tation and bad press with scientist Kevin Warwick, Professor of Cybernetics.

“Machines will take over, because we’re taking a lot of the negative aspects of human kind as the initial seeds for machines – in military, in finance – and sprinkling in a bit of learning.”

First published in I, Science magazine for Imperial College London.

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